Production, Treatment, Compression of Air & Gases
Production, Treatment,
Compression of Air & Gases

 Customized solutions designer since 1977 
  • Sept. 2016
    NOXERIOR joins NOVAIR group
    NOVAIR has recently finalized the acquisition of NOXERIOR (ex-IGS Italia),... Read more
  • 25-29/10/2016
    EUROBLECH - 16 G103
    We invite you to visit us in Dusserldorf at EUROBLECH, Internation Trade Show... Read more
  • 14-17 November 2016
    Medica, Düsseldorf - 11A24
    Come meet us at Medica fair in Düsseldorf from November 14th to 17th, 2016... Read more

Novair Industries

Novair industries OXYPURE oxygen generator
                                                   Location Novair Industries designs solutions for the production and distribution of compressed gases towards industries and engineering offices.  

Our devices are used daily in a wide variety of sectors : pharmaceuticals, metal industry, food & beverages, renewable energies, fish farming, waster water industry, oil & gas, etc...

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