Air Treatment & Compression

Air systems, Compressors, Dryers, Filters and others

Expert in compressed gases since 1977, NOVAIR Industries offers complete solutions for the production of compressed air with or without oil, meeting the needs of the most demanding industries.

Our units are entirely realized on specifications; They provide compression, treatment, air filtration and include advanced control features.

All compression technologies

In order to meet the majority technical and economic constraints, NOVAIR offers compressed air units that implement the most efficient compression technologies :

  • Lubricated screw
  • Dry or lubricated piston
  • Spiral, oil free compression
  • Thermal mobile compressor

Air treatment : our dryers ranges

The production of clean, dry, compressed air, free of oil and of all impurities (CO / CO2) requires the use of an air treatment line. It can be equipped with :

  • Adsorption dryer (flows from 30m3/h to 360m3/h)
  • Refrigerated dryer (flows from 125m3/h to 850m3/h)

Supplementary Equipments & Integration

In addition, our plants can integrate additional equipment and functionalities such as :

  • Condensate treatment
  • Automatism
  • Regulation

All our installations cen be delivered entirely pre-wired on skid or in an ISO container which will take only a few hours to start up.

Remote montitoring & Servicing

We can ensure the remote monitoring of your installations thanks to VISIO ACCESS system. This exclusive function, resulting from the R&D works of NOVAIR engineers, allows the visualization and remote control by our teams of your installations.

Rental & Maintenance: To ensure the regular maintenance of your equipment, we offer rental / maintenance contracts to all our customers on the French market. Abroad, our authorized distributors are trained to intervene on your equipment.

Technical datas

  • Flow : up to 1 130 Nm3/h
  • Outlet pressure : 7,5, 10 or 13 bar (15 bar upon request)
  • Power : from 3 to 110 kW