On-site oxygen solutions for biogas

The H2S gas is highly toxic and nauseous. Component both dangerous and biogas destructive, hydrogen sulfide has harmful effects on humans, the environment, building materials and other materials. The use of renewable energy and the implementation of residues containing sulfur in biogas plants pose serious problems. This measure to remove hydrogen sulfide brings a decisive contribution to optimal plant biogas operation.

NOVAIR Industries offer on-site oxygen production solutions for the removal of hydrogen sulfide in the biogas.
The use of pure oxygen for the removal of hydrogen sulphide is a simple, effective and economical process that NOVAIR Industries supplies to the biogas sector through its high purity oxygen generators which allow production and supply directly to on site.

Plant efficiency is maximized by avoiding metal sulfide formation caused by the lack of pure oxygen.
Among these solutions, NOVAIR Industries offers:

  • OXYSWING, an oxygen generator delivering a continuous flow of oxygen 95% produced on-site.
  • OXYPURE & OXYPURE DS-PSA, oxygen generators allowing up to 99.5% oxygen purity, thanks to their DS-PSA technology
  • The oxygen generator COMPACT-20 BIOGAS extracts oxygen from the ambient air, concentrates it to 93% (+3%) purity, and delivers the oxygen required for biogas desulfurization.

These solutions are perfectly autonomous and provide a continuous supply of oxygen for biogas production sites which require desulfurization.

Amongst our references

A Biogas treatment plant in Ormes was equipped with an oxygen production unit at the NOVAIR site for the desulphurization of biogas.
The Oxyswing modular PSA generator solution has enabled the capacity of the generator to be adapted to the needs of the client, which was revised upwards during the project. The installation delivers a continuous flow rate of 10 Nm3/h in total autonomy.





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