Fish Farming

On site oxygen production for fish farming

Oxygen is a gas widely used in fish farming to increase productivity. Traditionally, liquid oxygen is supplied to these sites by trucks. This method of supply causes logistic constraints and risks for users.

NOVAIR has designed on-site oxygen production solutions adapted to the specific needs of aquaculture.

When sizing the right system for you, we take into account all relevant parameters that will affect the oxygen diffusion in your ponds, including :

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  • Type of fish raised 
  • Volume of your water tanks
  • Water salinity
  • Fish density
  • Water temperature
  • Oxygen purity

NOVAIR oxygen solutions for fish farming :

NOVAIR offers on-site oxygen production systems designed to ensure an efficient and cost-effective way to produce the oxygen needed, dissolve it in any size tank and increase stocking density in fish farms. 

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Benefits of installing NOVAIR oxygen production solutions :

  • Increase stock density by maintaining a higher level of Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Produce larger quantities of high-quality fish
  • Increase reproduction rates
  • Ensure the flavor of fish by providing a clean environment
  • Prevent ice from forming during winter
  • Increase the oxygen content over a typical air-fed aerating system
  • Ensure uniform Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels throughout tanks and ponds
  • Displace excess nitrogen
  • Provide feed gas to an existing ozone generator for disinfection
  • Enhance your average fish weights and survival rates


Amongst our references

Northern Harvest Smolt Hatchery in Stephenville, Canada is equipped with NOVAIR oxygen generating systems.

For more than 6 years, the NOVAIR state-of-the-art technology has assured the efficient production of oxygen on-site, thus reducing the hatchery’s environmental impact and fostering a healthier ecosystem for its salmon.

NOVAIR oxygen generators ensure a consistent and reliable oxygen supply, Northern Harvest has witnessed improved fish health and accelerated growth rates, contributing to its mission of sustainable seafood production.



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