Fish Farming

On site oxygen production for fish farming

NOVAIR Industries offers on-site oxygen production solutions adapted to the specific needs of aquaculture.
In fish farming, the oxygenation of the basins is inevitable for allowing the growth of the fish and to increase without danger the production’s density. The enhanced issue by intensive far-ming practices : the oxygen level in the basins decreases even as the density of fish increases.

NOVAIR meets the needs of fish farming ponds with suitable on site oxygen production solu-tions by taking to account multiple factors :

  • Cultured organism
  • Volume rearing unit
  • Rearing unit water turnover
  • Water temperature
  • Water salinity
  • Oxygen purity

Amongst our references

In Chile, the Norwegian group Marine Harvest, now known as MOWI, leader in fish farming, has been equipped with two modules OXYSWING OS 40, oxygen generators with modular PSA technology.

This installation envolves to obtain oxygen purity of the water up to 95% suitable for fish farming.