On-site nitrogen for breweries

On-site nitrogen for breweries

Why use nitrogen in your brewery?

Nitrogen, as an inert gas, has a lower solubility than carbon dioxide, conferring a number of notable advantages to both the brewing process and the final quality of the beer. Nitrogen offers a fine bubble texture, creating a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Nitrogen is also proving to be an economical alternative, offering significant savings compared to the traditional use of CO2.

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Inerting :

Protect your beer from oxidation by using nitrogen to create a barrier minimizing contact with oxygen in the tanks.

Ingredient Protection:

Preserve the quality of stored ingredients by using nitrogen as a protective blanket, avoiding damage from ambient air.

Keg Cleaning:

Use high-pressure nitrogen for efficient keg cleaning, reducing water consumption and avoiding unwanted dissolution in the product.


Minimize oxidation and control bacterial growth by purifying equipment and pipelines with nitrogen, ensuring the integrity of your brewing process.


Extend the shelf life of your beer by purging bottles, cans, and cartons with nitrogen, reducing oxidation, and preserving product freshness.

NITROSWING FOODPACK: A stand-alone answer to all your nitrogen needs

At NOVAIR, we offer state-of-the-art nitrogen production solutions tailored to the unique needs of breweries. Discover NITROSWING FOODPACK, a scalable nitrogen generator that guarantees a supply of food-grade nitrogen.


On-site nitrogen production: what are the advantages?

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint:

On-site nitrogen production significantly reduces your brewery's carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable brewing process.

2. Autonomy in Nitrogen Supply:

Gain autonomy by producing nitrogen on-site, ensuring a reliable and continuous supply for your brewing needs.

3. No Logistical Constraints:

Say goodbye to logistical hassles. On-site production eliminates logistical constraints, providing a smooth, efficient solution.

4. Cost savings:

Produce nitrogen on-site and see direct savings, making your brewing operations more economically viable. Minimize external factors and ensure the purity of your nitrogen supply.


Amongst our references:

A key player in the brewing industry in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France decided to replace CO2 with Nitrogen in some of their brewing process. NOVAIR installed a PSA Twin tower NS 100 nitrogen generator, custom-designed to meet the company's needs. The switch to on-site nitrogen generation brought several benefits to the brewery as it has become autonomous in its nitrogen supply. The company has improved beer quality by creating finer, more stable bubbles, offering a smoother and creamier texture. Also, operating costs have been optimized thanks to the elimination of CO2 deliveries, offering greater budget predictability.



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