PSA Technology

For many years now, NOVAIR implements patented innovations that optimize the process of separation of air & gases to reach the highest and most stable purity level on the market. This is why our products are recognized worldwide for their superior quality.

How does it work

The oxygen and nitrogen generators are based on the PSA technology, also called Pressure Swing Adsorption or Separation by Pressurization Alternated, which consist to separate the air & gas from the ambient air, used as one raw material (air ambient contains 21 % oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.9 % argon and 0.1 % rare gases).

  1. The gases are separated under the alternating pressurization of two tanks filled with molecular sieve ( zeolite for oxygen generator and activated carbon for nitrogen generator).

  2. When the tank is pressurized by the compressed air, the nitrogen or the oxygen is gradually retained by the molecular sieve, releasing the produced gas directly at the output of the generator. At high pressure, the molecular sieve adsorbs oxygen ( or nitrogen), carbon dioxide and vapor from the air to water, and allowed to pass nitrogen ( or oxygen ).

  3. When the tank is almost full, the process continues to the second tank and the gas adsorbed in the first receiver is released into the atmosphere. While a tank is adsorbing, the other regenerates itself by pressure reduction.

  4. The cycle is then repeated under electronic control in order to produce high purity and stable oxygen or nitrogen continuously.




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