On-site oxygen production for veterinaries

Just as healthcare sector, veterinarians need an additional source of oxygen during operations.
NOVAIR offers tailored oxygen solutions to suit the needs of veterinarians, such as MODULO2.
Mobile and compact, this plug &play oxygen generator is user friendly. It can be moved easily and provides a reliable source of oxygen, up to 93% of purity.

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Amongst our references

CHV Frégis has moved into new, integrated premises, confirming its decision to manufacture its own medical oxygen.
The facility is equipped with solutions manufactured and installed by NOVAIR for all its medical gas systems:

  • Two medical oxygen generators supply its 8 operating theatres
  • An anesthesia gas evacuation system (AGSS) ensures the elimination of all anesthetic gas residues in the operating theatres.
  • A network of copper tubes and medical gas outlets (Oxygen, Air, AGSS) complete the system.



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