Laser cutting

Produce your own nitrogen on site and become your own supplier

Nitrogen is a gas widely used in laser cutting for its inert properties that prevent any reaction with the molten metal. It is traditionally supplied to industrial sites by trucks, and stored in high pressure cylinders or cryogenic tanks. This method of supply is expensive, polluting and generates constraints and risks for users. However, there are solutions to produce nitrogen on site by generator. This simple process, whose efficiency has been demonstrated, has many advantages.

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Why produce nitrogen on site?

  • Autonomy / security of supply
  • No logistic constraints
  • Continuous production
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased safety
  • Optimal cutting quality

NOVAIR's nitrogen production solutions for laser cutting

For the laser cutting industry, NOVAIR has designed NITROSWING LASERPACK, an innovative nitrogen production and on-site cylinder filling solution capable of supplying all types of laser, fiber or CO2 machines. This solution allows a continuous and autonomous supply of nitrogen according to the specifications required by the cutting machines.

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Bateo, a company specialized in locksmithing and precision metalwork, uses a NOVAIR on-site nitrogen production solution to supply its latest generation fiber laser. Totally convinced, the company manager applauds the simplicity of the process and the independence gained for its gas supply, as well as the savings made. Not to mention the ecological aspect of the solution, which avoids recurring gas deliveries and the associated CO2 emissions.

In the Press

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