Oxygen Generators

 NOVAIR offers oxygen generators suitable for all types of industrial applications and all flow requirements.

With the greatest expertise for on-site oxygen production, we meet the needs of all applications thanks to a choice of 4 technologies: PSA oxygen generators, modular PSA oxygen generators, DS-PSA oxygen generators and V-PSA solutions.

Each time, the oxygen is produced on site, from the ambient air. This eco-responsible solution avoiding permanent deliveries of gas - is also economical and safe: oxygen produced = oxygen consumed, and no oxygen storage in large quantities is necessary.

In addition, NOVAIR pays particular attention to the energy efficiency of its equipment: thanks to an optimized PSA process, the compressed air / oxygen ratio produced is excellent.

PSA Twin tower oxygen generators : for medium to high consumption.

The ideal solution where larger oxygen consumptions apply. Built to last for years of trouble-free continuous heavy-duty operation at low operational costs.

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Modular PSA Oxygen generator

A range of generators providing users with unique flexibility: thanks to the addition of independent PSA modules, the capacity of the equipment can be very easily increased.

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DS-PSA Oxygen Generator: Very High Purity Oxygen produced on site

A new generation of oxygen generator applying a unique and patented technology. Based on a two-stage molecular separation process, the DS-PSA removes nitrogen, argon and traces of pollutants remaining after the first stage. This technology allows to obtain an ultra high purity oxygen (up to 99,5%). In addition, the OCS patented system ensures an exceptional stability of O2 purity, at +/- 0,2%.

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Mobile Oxygen Generator

Forget high pressure cylinders and liquid oxygen deliveries, NOVAIR has designed ModulO2, a compact, mobile and featured with a friendly use system oxygen generator.

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VPSA Oxygen Generator: high energy efficiency for the highest consumption

For applications needing particularly high oxygen flows, NOVAIR introduces a new range of V-PSA solutions. Thanks to a low power consumption, the V-PSA technology allows a drastic reduction of oxygen production costs.

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Oxygen Cylinders Filling System

Novair Industries offers a full range of high pressure oxygen cylinder filling systems with a filling capacity of up to 100 cylinders per day.

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Plug&Play Container OXYFACTORY

NOVAIR Industries presents OXYFACTORY, a turnkey solution that includes both autonomous oxygen production and cylinders filling.

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Oxygen generator Compact / Plug & Play

NOVAIR presents COMPACT-20 an oxygen generator that is compact, mobile, and easy to operate and maintain.

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Oxygen production for the desulfurization of biogas

NOVAIR offers a complete range of generators that meet all needs in terms of flow rate, pressure and purity, all adapted to the production of oxygen that will then be injected into the gas stream or into the activated carbon.

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