Plug&Play Container OXYFACTORY

Plug&Play Container OXYFACTORY

OXYFACTORY, plug & play container

Novair industries introduces OXYFACTORY, a turnkey solution including a compact oxygen plant and a cylinders filling system. Available in various capacities and oxygen concentrations, OXYFACTORY provides full autonomy to both produce oxygen and fill cylinders at one place, on a continuous basis.


Features and Benefits

  • Containerized or skid mounted turnkey solution
  • On-site oxygen production, purity 93 to 99+%
  • Fast installation and commissioning on site
  • Transportable on all types of road as well as sea
  • Dimensions adaptable according to the number and capacity of the generators
  • Technical room according to regulatory requirements 

Technical datas

  • Purity : from 93 to 99+%
  • Filling pressure from 150 to 200 bar
  • Daily filing capacity (quantity of 50L cylinders) : from 13 to 96 cylinders


  • All type of applications
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