Mobile Oxygen Generator

MODULO2 : plug & play oxygen generator

Forget high pressure cylinders and liquid oxygen deliveries, NOVAIR has designed ModulO2, a compact and mobile oxygen generator, producing and delivering, on site 10 to 20 lpm of oxygen 93% at 3.8 bar.
With this user friendly device based on PSA technology, become your own supplier of oxygen, from an unlimited, universal and free raw material : air.


Features and Benefits

  • Compact, mobile and silent
  • Plug and play oxygen generator
  • High definition colour touch-screen 4.5’’
  • Ergonomic and compact cabinet combining aesthetic and robust materials : steel case, tempered glass top surface
  • Integrated feed air unit, PSA columns and oxygen analyzer
  • Fully automatic

Technical data

  • Purity : 93%
  • Flow : from 10 to 20l / min
  • Outlet pressure : 3.8 bar
  • Sound level : 59 db


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