How reliable are purity measurements of 10 or fewer ppm of residual oxygen?

Unfortunately, there are suppliers in the market who "help" the numbers to have this purity displayed on their generator's control panel, but the produced nitrogen contains 50 or even more ppm of residual oxygen. Many nitrogen applications do not require such high nitrogen purities, so most customers will not notice that they do not get what they paid for.

If a nitrogen generator is supposed to produce such high purity, but it is offered with the same residual oxygen analyzer as for lower nitrogen purities, you should become suspicious. The standard applied galvanic and zirconium oxide measuring cells for the other purity levels cannot measure such low oxygen concentrations and will indicate far lower values than the real oxygen presence in the produced nitrogen.

NOVAIR stands for reliability and trust. Therefore, we offer for such high nitrogen purities a special residual oxygen analyzer with a proper measuring range for a reliable measurement of residual oxygen concentrations between 0 to 20 ppmV.

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