On-site medical oxygen production: an autonomous and eco-responsible response to increased oxygen needs

As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to rage, healthcare facilities are faced with the increasing need for oxygen for patient care.

In this report carried out on the Novair production site at Roissy, and on the site of the future hospital of Ajaccio, which is due to open in 2021, France 3 gives the floor to Samuel Kuczenisky, Hospital Engineer at the Ajaccio hospital, who explains the many advantages that led the newly built hospital to install an on-site oxygen production system.

In terms of advantages, the installation will enable the hospital to be supplied with the quantity of oxygen it needs, which will lead to a tailor-made consumption and therefore more savings. In addition, there will be a gain in safety, as the teams will no longer need to handle the oxygen cylinders. With on-site production, the risk of breaking the hoses used to connect the cylinders is avoided.


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