After-sales service & Maintenance

After-sales service & Maintenance

Satisfy our customers : our n°1 concern

Independent company, NOVAIR has a permanent concern for the quality, innovation and satisfaction of its customers, at all stages of the collaboration.

Thanks to its quality system, NOVAIR can ensure the traceability of its equipment, and guarantees to its customers an effective after-sales service for many years.

Warranty for the parts and the labor

NOVAIR equipment has a guaranty for the parts and the labor during one year. This warranty period is extendable on request.
Spare parts and related accessories for all of your equipment are available.


NOVAIR Maintenance contracts guarantee a complete and fast support both preventive and curative.

Abroad, these services are provided either by local distributors or by our technicians who can travel on site.

As an option, we offer our customer an on-call team service which engages us to provide the necessary maintenance within a delay contractually agreed with our clients.