Membrane Nitrogen Compact Generator

Membrane Nitrogen Compact Generator

ModulN2, the compact membrane generator

ModulN2 is a compact nitrogen generator ensuring an on-site production of up to 3,8m3/h nitrogen, with a purity ranging from 1 to 0,35% residual oxygen content. Based on the membrane technology, this all-included generator is a perfect alternative for industrials looking for a safe, economical, convenient and reliable, nitrogen supply.

Key features & Benefits : 

  • Low operating pressures, no hazardous storage
  •  Fully automatic operation
  •  Easy to install and maintain

Technical data

  • Flow : from 0.5 to 3.8m3/h
  • Purity : from 1 to 0.35 vol.%
  • Outlet pressure : up to 8.6 bar


  •  Chemical Blanketing
  •  Gas Assisted Injection Moulding (GAIM)
  •  Flammable Liquids Inerting
  •  Dust Explosions Prevention
  •  Centralized Heating Stations
  •  Food & Beverage Inerting
  •  Metal 3D Printing
  •  Welding
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