PSA Nitrogen Generator

PSA Nitrogen Generator NITROPLUS (Ranges NS & NP)

Novair designed a high efficiency PSA nitrogen generator, NITROPLUS. With a wide range of capacities and varied purity levels, NITROPLUS meets the needs of all types of industries, with increased profitability.

A perfect answer to industrial users of nitrogen who wish to gain autonomy and reduce their operating costs. NITROPLUS Ranges allow the production of high to ultra-high purity nitrogen (up to 10 ppm of residual O2).


Features and Benefits of NITROPLUS 

  • Control and monitoring with high definition touch screen
  • Remote monitoring and alarms
  • Turnkey solution
  • Very competitive production costs
  • Fully automatic operation
  •  Process piping in stainless steel (Range NS)
  •  PSA towers available on request with ASME certification (Range NS)
  •  Cycle Time Shifting (CTS) as standard (Range NS)

Technical data

  • Purity : from 95 to 99.999%, residual O2 from 10ppm to 5%
  • Inlet pressure : from 7,5 to 13 bar
  • Flow rate (Range NS) : from 42,4 to 641,1 m3/h
  • Flow rate (Range NP) : from 27,3 to 572 m3/h


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