Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen production by membrane generator

Membrane generators particularly suitable for applications not requiring a high purity of nitrogen or in case where nitrogen must be produced under extreme environmental conditions in remote locations (desert, arctic or offshore environments).

Novair offers a wide range of solutions for on-site production of nitrogen by membrane generator, adapted to the most difficult operating conditions:

  • NITROMEM compact generator
  • Skid solutions, compact, easy-to-install nitrogen generators
  • Container solutions, mobile and robust, particularly adapted to the needs of the oil and mining industries
  • Moduln2 compact mobile solution: the plug and play nitrogen generator
  • Special packaging designed: custom-made and according to specifications

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous process
  • Reduced system footprint, no need for feed air dryer and feed air receiver. Smaller dimensions of the membrane nitrogen generator
  • Higher nitrogen discharge pressures up to 12 bar(g) without need for nitrogen booster
  • Guaranteed stable nitrogen purity
  • Easy fleet management
  • Ultra-fast reaction time

Technical data

  • Purity : 5,0 to 0,35 vol.% residual oxygen
  • Flow rate: from 0,5 to 6.000 m3/h
  • Pressure : up to 22 bar
  • Dew point of gas compressed: < -65°C



  • Marine
  • Mining Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Inerting of chemical products
  • Gas Assisted Injection Moulding (GAIM)
  • Inerting of flammable liquid
  • Prevention of dust explosions
  • Central heating stations
  • Inerting of beverages and food
  • Metal 3D print
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