Plug&Play Container NITROFACTORY

Plug&Play Container NITROFACTORY

NITROFACTORY, on-site nitrogen production and high pressure cylinders filling system

NITROFACTORY is an on-site nitrogen production solution associated with an autonomous filling station. Totally modular, NITROFACTORY can integrate the NOVAIR nitrogen generator of your choice, and is available on skid or in ISO container.

Features and Benefits

It is composed by:

  • a PSA or modular PSA nitrogen generator
  • an high pressure nitrogen booster for filling cylinders up to 350 bar with nitrogen produced on-site
  • connections and cabling
  • optional : compressed air source, electrical cabinet, cylinders, frames and regulators

NITROFACTORY is a turnkey solution allowing a fast installation and commissioning

Technical data

  • Nitrogen purity : max 10 ppm residual O2
  • Flow : from 3,5 to 60m3/h
  • Inlet pressure : from 7,5 to 13 bar
  • Outlet pressure :
    • Medium pressure : 35 bar max
    • High pressure : 350 bar max


  • All industrial applications – Nitrofactory is connected to the users network
  • Supply of nitrogen cylinders to industrial users who do not have an autonomous source of production
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